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HD Fitness

We offer a holistic and comprehensive model to develop your health and wellbeing.

Our online Fitness sessions give you the opportunity to have access to fun and effective sessions that are conducted live by professional fitness specialists.

Strength & conditioning is the main area of focus for our fitness sessions which can be taken in the morning, evening or weekend.

These home workouts utilise bands and body weight allowing for progressive overload in the resistance as we also monitor and increase the sets the exercises are performed.

The fitness sessions are structured around a 6-week cycle to keep your body developing, mind fresh with the routine and enough time to adapt and get the health & fitness benefits.


High intensity training is highly effective in developing your athletic potential or even giving you a short sharp high calorie burn workout.

These sessions are periodised in 3 week blocks to keep the adaptation to the jumps, change of direction, fast footwork and sport specific movements the best possibility to improve your performance.

These online sessions are 30mins duration and include the best ab exercises and great cool down stretches.


Purchase any of our membership options and enjoy unlimited free classes* for the duration of the membership.


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